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Change Admin Password

2 years 9 months ago #109141 by lesliejones
This should be so simple...

After installing Version 2.05+ Build 140520 I'm prompted, with a pop-up, to change the admin password - which I have to admit is a cracking idea given 'admin' 'password' isn't what you'd call secure.

That's where the fun begins... How do you change them? I've gone through the whole UI and there is no where to update it?!

The docs/wiki appear to relate to an older version. The one post I found here on resetting the admin password (closest subject I can find):

Does not quite look the same as mine :-(

After about an hour of trying to accomplish such a simple task I had no option but to delete Limesurvery as it would just be a sitting duck.

This has got to be really easy, right? I've got to be missing something ?

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2 years 9 months ago #109143 by jelo
The attached screenshot shows the user groups page, not the user page. It's the button left from the user group button.

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2 years 9 months ago #109164 by Ben_V
As Jelo said, you can change your admin password from the "user control" tab (or something like that) of the main admin menu.

The most of the time, previous posts in this forum refer to users who can't login to admin interface do do that (forget the password or installation issue)

Let us know if your problem is solved...


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