Comfort Upgrade and White Screen Problem Unplugged

4 years 6 months ago #108413 by georgebradford
georgebradford created the topic: Comfort Upgrade and White Screen Problem Unplugged
Recently I learned my host was upgrading the PHP environment, plus I learned the current release of LimeSurvey needs to play in PHP 5.3 or later.

I did the comfort upgrade (3 steps), and all seem to work fine. Then when I logged into my Survey site, all I got was a white screen without any message of any sort.

I originally posted an inquiry here (see: ).

c_schmitz was helpful in directing me to check the log and to run the debugger - he has helped a lot in the past with my other install challenges.

I perused the forum and got some good clues from this series (see: )

Solution Unplugged
I communicated with my host and they verified my environment was PHP 5.3 and the other requirements were in place (see the requirements under the release notes at: )

Then my host did something interesting, instead of using the full URL to my site which I've always used that will look like this in your browser

/fakepath to your site's directory/index.php/admin/authentication/login

He truncated and used only

/fakepath to your site's directory/index.php/admin/

Doing this revealed a request to update the limesurvey database, where he selected Ok. After that, the proper log in window displays fine.

For my situation, I never saw that update database window, and I believe that was the source of the issue: the database wasn't updated to the current release.

I'm posting these details in hopes they might help someone else who does the update and they see the white window.

Thanks as always to the Limesurvey team who continue to do great work and help out whenever they can.

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