add 'are you sure' to 'no answer' as default in radio list

4 years 11 months ago #107414 by pietpomp
Hi Guys, I have a Q-group of a few questions that are not mandatory and so displays 'no-answer' as the default answer in a radio list (survey is set to display by group v2.05+).

This allows user to skip the page 'by accident' without reading the questions.

I would like to add a check on the page (group) that (for example pops up) would check to see if any q's are still on 'no answer' and then ask the user "Are you sure you don't want to answer?". Yes -> survey goes on with next group(like Next button), No -> survey stays on page.

Had a look at conditions, but not sure how to get it to stay on the same group after the check...

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4 years 11 months ago #107417 by DenisChenu

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