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3 years 4 days ago #106467 by rvenkat
We tried to install Limesurvey last week with the Limesurvey application on one server and MySQL on a second (remote) server. Install failed because it was unable to make the connection to the remote server.

Then we went back to a setup that we know works, which is db and Limesurvey on the same server. We were able to install successfully.

For security reasons it would be nice to have the database on a different server, but it appears that is not possible with Limesurvey.

I found an older post on the same topic , which is consistent with my experience.

I just thought I'd share this with the community.

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3 years 3 days ago - 3 years 3 days ago #106475 by DenisChenu

It's possible with limesurvey, just set the good server name and the good user/name. And open ports on DB server.

Possible problem :
- your DB user have access only by @localhost
- your server don't hear at his public IP, but only on an internal IP (lot of hoster do like this OVH is an example).

Before say it's LimeSurvey, try with SSH:
mysql -u fooUser -p -h YOURHOST

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