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moving installation from windows to unix while keeping db in windows errors

2 years 11 months ago #106110 by vamsik
Hi All,

I have Limesurvey installed in Windows box. Now i am trying to move my application from windows to linux. For this i have created an environment in linux and tested successully with fresh install lime survey application connecting to a blank database in mssql and did the installation.

Now i want to connect to the database created earlier in windows box since some of the users have test data there. I managed to get the application zip from iis and deployed it in Apache changed the config file to user appropriate driver and connect to the database windows env is using.But this is resulting in the below error when i am trying to access. Your help is much appreciated.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'CException' with message 'Application base path "protected" is not a valid directory.' in /export/home/itapps/LSurvey/Apache/htdocs/voc/framework/base/CApplication.php:244 Stack trace: #0 /export/home/itapps/LSurvey/Apache/htdocs/voc/framework/base/CApplication.php(134): CApplication->setBasePath('protected') #1 /export/home/itapps/LSurvey/Apache/htdocs/voc/application/core/LSYii_Application.php(107): CApplication->__construct(Array) #2 /export/home/itapps/LSurvey/Apache/htdocs/voc/framework/YiiBase.php(127): LSYii_Application->__construct('/export/home/it...') #3 /export/home/itapps/LSurvey/Apache/htdocs/voc/index.php(179): YiiBase::createApplication('LSYii_Applicati...', '/export/home/it...') #4 {main} thrown in /export/home/itapps/LSurvey/Apache/htdocs/voc/framework/base/CApplication.php on line 244

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2 years 11 months ago #106111 by vamsik
I was able to solve this problem by upgrading the database to the latest limesurvey database and connect to the new version of the application.
It works fines now

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