Go back to a backup before an update to 205

3 years 2 weeks ago #105859 by ritzeng

I used 2.00+ for a large survey catalog (2500 questions)

I had made an export of the DB and the Filesystem copy.
Then I updated to 2.05 and got a problem, simply the page did not update while the process.
Then i refreshed the page after a while and the the page with DB - Update appears. OK did it.

I have 3 different question catalogs, but the problem appear only a certain one of them.
The screen opening the one question catalogue stays white. Always since that moment on.

Since that moment on, my update as well as the updates of filesystem and mySQL DB of the internet provider with different days of version 2.00+ to the past do not work.

I have now 4 backups of filesystem and DB (5.2. 10.2., 28.2., lime survey backups while going to 2.05 at 28.2.)

I do not want to loose my 2500 question.

What can I do?
- to repair
- to export all question catalogs from DB to import them again in a fresh system.

Thanks much

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3 years 1 week ago #106318 by quilombodigital
I had exactly the same problem. dont know how to proceed too.

[]s, Ricardo

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