Restoring database from backup in order to migrate db to a new server...

3 years 1 month ago #105401 by kettner

I have been trying to migrate installation of LS from one server to another. As far as the Postgres db transfer is concerned, I made a backup sql file using phppgadmin and also using the same tool I imported the db into a new server with Postgres installed. It went fine, however it seems that it doesn´t work for users and their passwords (maybe due to encryption). So I have not been able to login on admin account. Apparently, the table with passwords differ after sql import to the latter database.

Do I make any mistake in db transfers? How should I proceed correctly? Is there any way to keep user passwords while importing the lime_users table via phppgadmin (importing sql backup script)?

As the same situation may happen when restoring db from backup may be needed for whatever reason, I am asking here, as it may be quite important.

Btw. I have tried to migrate the older 1.92+ version of LS.

Sorry if I have missed any relevant thread.

Many thanks for your help.

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