Date is not or wrongfully displayed with dblib

4 years 1 day ago #105177 by joop
joop created the topic: Date is not or wrongfully displayed with dblib
In our installation date fields are not (properly) displayed on some pages:
- Date created in 'Detailed list of surveys'
- Start and Expiry dat/time in survey settings
- Valid from date in Token management

The strange part is that the date is actually correct saved in the database, but is not or not correctly displayed in LimeSurvey.

I think it is related to our (exotic)installation as we use MS SQL server in combination with a Linux webserver. Our details:
Limesurvey version: 2.05
Database: MS SQL Server 2008 r2
Server: Redhat REL 5
PHP: 5.3.3
Driver: dblib/pdo_dblib/freetds

Does anyone have a similar problem?

Please also see for screenshots

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