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Installation - XAMPP package - error

3 years 1 month ago #103348 by Rosangela01

I need to install the limeSurvey-xampp package (from this page: ).

Unfortunately when I try to install the program I received the error message you can read attached.

Basically xampp installation goes well. The installation program, after having installed xampp, tries then to install limesurvey but fails to do it. If I start xampp and then I try to open localhost/admin.php page I receives an error message.

Any suggestion? OS: Windows 7 x64, firewall deactivated.

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #103356 by Rosangela01
Ok I solved. I saw that there exist other unreplied topics with the same issue so:

1) The XMAPP+Limesurvey installation on the download page is broken, or at least does not work with win7. I suggest the community to take care at this or explain how it work

2) Install XMAPP alone (just google xmapp) and run it as an administrator. As a further caution, avoid to install it in C://program

3) Open XAMPP control panel, start Apache and MySQL services

4) Unzip the Limesurvey server application package in the xmapp/htdocs cartel

5) Open on your browser and go to localhost/limesurvey/admin
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