Show Results of File Upload Question in Subsequent Question

4 years 5 months ago #103340 by dweisser
dweisser created the topic: Show Results of File Upload Question in Subsequent Question
Hi all,

Using Expression Manager, I can see the results of the file upload question in the survey.

{fileupload.NAOK} =

Two questions.

1. If I want to show this reulst in a subsequent question, I think I would need to parse this array, and utilize the URL of the image to present it back to the user.

2. I've read some posts indicating that downloading the uploading file is problematic. One can manually browse the responses of a live survey and download the image easily enough, but downloading the file directly from the server is a little problematic. Star.gif is chnanged into into fu_456yddyvpxdxzq8 and stored in the survey's directory without a file extension.

If one wanted to use the image in an email template for example, this is problematic.

Perhaps a javascript function could be written to "store the file twice - once as it is for use as LimeSurvey intends it, and again in a secondary location in its orginal form. Perhaps it would be easiest to include a non-native fileupload function for this purpose. Perhaps there is another solution.

Interested in your thoughts on 1 and 2.

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