Installation seemingly not complete.

3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #103146 by Smhearty
I've successfully installed LimeSurvey with a couple of caveats. I used a "QuickInstall" through HostGator. I also installed LimeSurvey as a subdomain.

1. I don't see the Main global settings menu. I can get there by clicking on the "Update Available" link.
2. The Global Settings menu is not complete. Clicking on General, Email settings, or Bounce settings for example, doesn't provide any options, just a "Save settings" button.
3. The Overview & Updates section shows one user and one survey. (I seem to be able to create a survey without issue.)
4. I tried to update by downloading the latest version and copying over the config.php file to the appropriate spot (and the upload folder), but simply get a blank page.

I did check the DB through CPANEL, and all field report as OK.

Installed: LimeSurvey Version 2.00+ Build 121101

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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3 years 2 months ago #103152 by holch
Unfortunately we can not really help with any "Quickinstalls", as it we basically don't know what they are exactly doing.

Now, your problem could have various causes, for example:
- your installation does not include all files --> could be solved by manually uploading the limesurvey files into the respective folder again
- some files don't have the correct permissions --> try to change permissions via FTP (CHMOD)

In general, a clean Limesurvey installation is pretty easy today, so I always recommend to install it from scratch. I don't like those installers as I don't know what they exactly do with the software and if they change something, if they are really up to date, etc.

I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH member. I answer at the LimeSurvey forum in my spare time. No support via private message.
Some helpful links: Manual (EN) | Question Types | Workarounds

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3 years 2 months ago #103216 by Smhearty
I did a clean install. I just get a blank page. I checked the php version, made sure that MySQL PHP module is installed, the php.ini file is fine.

I never get to the installer. I've collected the information for the install, but never get prompted for it.

I'm installing in a subdirectory instead of the noted . As such, I rename the folder to survey instead of limesurvey.

Love the software, just wish I could get it installed correctly.

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3 years 2 months ago #103250 by Smhearty

Got everything working now. Rechecked all of the php settings and corrected some of those.

Happily creating surveys again.


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