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5 years 3 months ago #103116 by enquirer22
I was using the last upgrade to Lime Survey (the one before the latest one) and most of it seems to work OK. As part of my survey I permitted a user to upload files in various formats (eg pdfs jpgs etc). Problem is I don't seem to be able to access these from within the Survey admin panel. I can see what their original names might have been and the names were converted into some code e.g. filename":"fu_m4uyytr6iwfp3ix","ext":"jpg". However, these don't download with the options available (eg excel, doc etc). After a bit of hunting I found some images someone had uploaded to the directory upload/surveys using these filenames above. They have no suffix but they have meat on the bones e.g. 845,000 file size. However, if I manually ftp this file, change the suffix to jpg I just get an error message saying this is an invalid file when I try and open with an image program. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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5 years 3 months ago #103337 by dweisser
I'm sorry I have nothing to offer by way of solution, but I am about to embark upon the same challenge. What I find, I will post. Please let the forum know if you solved this issue.
Good luck!

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