Check if answer already exists

3 years 9 months ago #102707 by dweisser
dweisser created the topic: Check if answer already exists
I wonder if someone has already detailed a workaround I simply can't find....

Running a non-token based survey, I would like to:
1) Check if an answer already exists for a respondent.
Say Q1 is "Please enter your email". I want to run a script that "checks" the answer table to see if that email exists.

2) If the email exists, I want to:
a) prefill answers on current and subsequent pages with answers from that person's data row - maybe just boilerplate question like "Thank you for returning. Please proceed."

Essentially, I'm bypassing Registration in order to avoid a tokens table (people lose tokens, and token email)...but still enjoy the benefit of a non-anonymous survey.

Is this possible? Thanks as always.

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