Webserver Auth Plugin (2.05)

4 years 2 months ago #102399 by chinaski01
chinaski01 created the topic: Webserver Auth Plugin (2.05)
I am able to verify that webserver authentication is now working for us. We have a CAS system set up in our environment. I was able to set up a location rule in the virtual host container for the admin urls generated by limesurvey (/index.php/admin). Url's matching this rule are redirected to our authentication server. The auth server generates a server variable with the username, and I used the webserver authentication plugin settings to set this value in limesurvey. Created a user in limesurvey with an id in our CAS system and turned the plugin on. Limesurvey correctly authorized the user and granted access to the admin panel.

So, as soon as 2.05 is released, we will finally be able to upgrade to the 2.0 code. Good news.
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4 years 2 months ago #102405 by mdekker
mdekker replied the topic: Webserver Auth Plugin (2.05)
Good to hear! There is a little something about this in our manual at

Maybe you can add some words there to help other people? It still needs to be updated for 2.05 but anything that can help other people to get this up and running will help. Thanks!

Menno Dekker

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