Getting the Table-Based Sessions to Work Right

4 years 7 months ago #101892 by coderbrony
coderbrony created the topic: Getting the Table-Based Sessions to Work Right
I'm using AppFog to host an upcoming, pretty massive survey. Potentially 30-50,000 respondents answering a 49 question survey, with maybe 10-20,000 coming in the first day. I want to run 6 instances on AppFog, but I don't have the ability to make sessions sticky to a particular instance. From what I've read, uncommenting the table session code in config.php should make the survey save session data to the database, but when I do it, and fire up multiple instances, I start having the admin login page keep going back to the same page until all the instances have me logged in, and other bizarre behavior indicating that the load balancing across instances is derping things up.

Has anyone tested the load balancing support lately. Am I making an incorrect assumption about how it works? This is under the latest stable LS release (2.00).


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