Version 1.82

3 years 9 months ago #101230 by dsartain
dsartain created the topic: Version 1.82

We are currently on version 1.82 and would like to upgrade. I was wondering if there is a path I need to take to get to the newest version. 1.82-->1.90 etc. Aprreciate any information you can provide.


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3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 9 months ago #101237 by Ben_V
Ben_V replied the topic: Version 1.82
Hi Dave and welcome,

I personally think that version 1.90 is a good choice for the stability and basic admin,
and 1.92 for the invaluable "Expression Manager" engine.
BTW, old versions are available here

3 key steps reminder:
  1. backup LS files
  2. backup your database ( prefer PhpMyAdmin export )
  3. backup all and more, again and again

A thing you have to know if after upgrade conditions are not working:
In versions 1.90 and up this replaces question.pstpl AND question_start.pstpl. If you are using an old custom template, you need...


EM Variables => | EM Roadmap =>
Last Releases => 2.6x.x | 2.06/2.6.x =>
Demo Surveys => (already included in /docs/demosurveys)
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