Problems during survey

4 years 4 months ago #97117 by Serafim
Serafim created the topic: Problems during survey
Hi there, I'm having some troubles during a survey. I have a survey with about 600 tokens, with the duration of 2 weeks, and I've sent one reminder to the tokens that haven´t done the survey yet. It´s not the first time I do a survey like this.

My troubles:

- I have some tokens that answered 2 times, something that should be impossible. They have answered one time, then they received the reminder, and could answere the second time. So, 2 problems, they answered but received a reminder, and they answered a second time.

- Some of these tokens for the Limesurvey, in the tokens area are marked as completed the survey, but then I go to the answers area and they can receive reminders as someone that asn't answered.

- One other problem was when I've sent the reminders, some tokens have received the reminder 6 times.

So can this be a problem from the limesurvey or my server? It's not that big of a problem, but it could be some kind of bug and i just wnt to alert the team of Limesurvey.


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