Image Upload Button for Template No longer working

3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 9 months ago #97082 by dweisser
I fear this is a complicated problem with a simple solution.

1) First, the Choose File button has always been "cut-off" for me, since LS 2.0. However, it has always been functional. See image.
2) GoDaddy "upgraded" me to a new server yesterday. It caused prblems, I had to implement this fix to restore functional surveys. See post(s).
3) Now, when I upload an image, regardless of what template I am working in, the Upload button returns me to the default template and the file upload fails.

I am wondering what is next as a result of my server upgrade and whether anyone has experienced similar issues with the upload functionality.

Thanks as always for your time.
-Nebraska David
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