Exporting Problem

4 years 2 months ago #96717 by nmanicom
nmanicom created the topic: Exporting Problem
I am having a problem when exporting my results to excel. I have exported data before and I reviewed a few sources to make sure I was going through the proper steps.

Problem 1: when I go to "display responses" I see no responses (There are 43 completed responses)and I have attempted to change the range the of responses to no avail.

Problem 2: When exporting all columns and all responses the excel document only shows me the column titles and 1 response which was incomplete (only 1 incomplete out of 44 responses). I made sure I had "all responses" and not incomplete. One odd thing about the exporting is that if I reduce the amount of columns to export from the full 140 down to 31 it exports them fine and looks just like it should. Once I increase it to 32 or more it reverts back to exporting only 1 incomplete response.

Lime survey version 1.90

If any of you have any suggestions it would be much appreciated,

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4 years 2 months ago #96799 by nmanicom
nmanicom replied the topic: Exporting Problem
IT department at school was able to change the data type from "real" to the regular setting which allowed me then to view responses. I'm unsure how to delete a post in the forums and if the moderators would like they can delete this topic.


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