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Can't login after installation

3 years 9 months ago #95967 by mark_vdmg

Done a complete new install of the latest stable ( Ver. 2.00+ 130513 )
Database was created and populated with the admin user.
config.php was created.
installation is done under

After the redirect auf the install-script to the login page the admin login does not work.

I can send a new password for the admin-user via the option on the login page but that does not work as well.

i debugged it into: application/controllers/admin/authentication.php
there seems to be no login-request provided from the form ($_REQUEST is Array ( [sa] => login ) )
but that could be after a redirect - i dont no anything about yii ^^

I hope somebody knows what i do wrong and can help me.

Sry, if it is a double post, didn't find anything on forum, regarding the problem.

thx in advance,


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3 years 9 months ago #95978 by mark_vdmg
in between i have found:

Topic: Any action in admin page will return you to login screen

Tried all the points, didn't edit any files by hand.
unchanged behavior.

I am using Ubuntu 12.4. LTS on an amazon VM

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