verify an address that is linked to a token

4 years 11 months ago #95804 by Graham
Graham created the topic: verify an address that is linked to a token
Ok people please bear in mind that I have had 3 days experience of this software. I have built a fairly complicated survey but one of the requirements that have is to have the respondent " log in to the survey using a 16 digit access code that has an address linked to it". I have set up in tokens the access codes and the individual addresses that are linked to each of the codes. Once the respondent has entered the access code the first question they will see is "we have your address as" "is this correct"?. Ideally what should happen is that the address is pre-filled in from the data in the token table, I have created additional attribute fields of "ADD1, ADD2 and Postc, for address line one, town and post code and they should be used to populate the question. if they confirm the address is correct then they can move on to the rest of the survey questions, if not they will be asked to enter the correct address and then move on to the rest of the survey. Hopefully I have explained adequately what I am trying to do, does anyone know if this is possible and if it how I would go about it, please explain in simple terms as I really am a complete novice at this at the moment.

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