invitations sending: Too many mesages in this connection

5 years 1 day ago #95256 by imoullet
imoullet created the topic: invitations sending: Too many mesages in this connection
Since we use version 1.92, we got into trouble as we send large number of invitation emails. Indeed we use smtp as email method and set $maxemails=500 since we frequently send up to several thousands invitations mails.

For security reasons, our smtp server is configured to authorize a maximum of 100 email sendings with one connection and then we got this message
"Too many messages in this connection" every 100 emails sent. For first invitations limesurvey is able to resend the unsent messages but not in the case of reminders.

Looking in more detals in th erelease notes , I found that the SMTP connections were optimized since version 1.91 + (-Fixed issue: Optimized SMTP connections so they are re-used instead of opening one connection for each email send (c_schmitz)
)which causes now the problem for us.

Do you have any suggestion or parameters tuning to avoid this problem. Is there a way to reverse to the old "non-optimized smtp connections " status ?

Thanks for your replies.

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