Participants of survey get kicked out by hitting next button

4 years 11 months ago #95181 by tpphilipp
tpphilipp created the topic: Participants of survey get kicked out by hitting next button

we registered some problems from participants of our actual survey as they got kicked out (without any error message) by hitting the next button - on different pages - of the survey before submitting the survey on the last page.

We are using version 2.00+ Build 130305.

I have searched around the forum and found a similar problem here: .

Unfortunately there is no way to ask our participants what exactly happened but we got feedback from approx. 30 participants which got kicked out (and for sure some more which did not give us feedback) and I am quite sure it is not only a problem with the systems of the users.

Did someone else have similar problems? Is it possible that this happens when there are too many participants completing a survey at the same time? Or is it possible that they are kicked out when someone enters the admin site of LimeSurvey and selects the ongoing survey (but does not change anything there)?

Any hint would be helpful.


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