Notification & Data management tab not working anymore

3 years 11 months ago #94952 by piazza
Hello everyone,

I have been using Lime for a couple of years without any issues. Recently we got Limesurvey 2 installed on our server and it all seems to work fine.

The only exception is that I no longer have access to the 'Notification & data management' tab in General Settings. I can click on any other tab and access them but when I click on this one, nothing happens.
I have tried with active/inactive, open/closed-access surveys and simply can't edit these settings.

I need to run a survey with the option to 'save and resume' but because I can't access this tab, I can't make this an option.

Has this happened to anyone else? Help please! ;)


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3 years 11 months ago #94956 by KRav
what version do you use? And what kind of server? My system works very well with the newest version.

Cheers Kai

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