Excel TSV import with Expressions -> Breaks group preview function (bug?)

4 years 2 weeks ago #93363 by bebs
I don't know if it's by design or if I broke something / found some bug in TSV (aka excel) import:

to reproduce:
1. import the attached survey (in LS2.00+ Build 130110)
2. go to survey
3. select group 2. in admin menu (economic - economic autonomy)
4. hit "preview group" icon

-> answering to the few questions does not lead to automatic update of the 2 equations at the bottom of the group page... even if the equations are correct.

5. back to admin screen edit question "eco_auto" in the same group
6. don't change anything, just hit "save and close"
7. preview the group again

-> now, answering any of the questions does indeed lead to right update of the 2 equations.

this issue seems to only happen with "group preview", if I use "survey preview" the expressions are active even directly after survey import.

no javascript / server error was raised during this test.

if you need any more explanation feel free to ask!

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4 years 2 weeks ago #93401 by DenisChenu

Seems we don't clear EM session cache at import.

Please: report the bug.


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4 years 1 week ago #93640 by bebs
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