Internal Server Error after Installer/Optional step

4 years 3 weeks ago - 4 years 3 weeks ago #93230 by suisse

I have just tried to set up LimeSurvey 2.0+ Build 130226 and unfortunately, something goes wrong: After the last step (setting Admin user name, password, mail address and site name), I get an internal server error. No user entry is created.

I noticed some oddity, which might be of importance: For all other steps, the form's ACTION is of type "index.php?r=installer/<step>". But for the one not working, it is "index.php/installer/optional".

Just for the sake of completeness, I modified the form's ACTION to be "index.php?r=installer/optional". In this case, I am then redirected to the welcome page (No survey available), with still index.php?r=installer/optional in the browser's URL bar. However, no user is created anyway.

We are using Typo3 for our main site, which brings some URL rewriting rules, so it might be related to mod_rewrite. I do not think so, though, as (a) this would yield many more reports from other users and (b) even after having temporarily removed the main .htaccess (which defines the rewriting rules), I got the exact same results.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I forgot to add the following: I also tried to manually add the admin user into the database. This worked. However, I then got an internal server error when trying to access the administration console.
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4 years 3 weeks ago #93240 by suisse
Problem is solved:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function hash() in InstallerController.php on line 626, referer: index.php?r=installer/optional

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