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HTML-Editor does not work

4 years 6 days ago - 4 years 6 days ago #92790 by manastra
Hi @all,

I uploaded limesurveys latest version. But unfortunately the Inline HTML-Editor does not work, i.e. I only see a normal textfield and I guess I cant use this to embedd a flash video :(. In the previous version, there were no problems with it. Any ideas why the editor does not show up? Could it be because of a different server I'm now using?

Any help would be appreciated :)
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4 years 5 days ago #92824 by manastra
Short Update: I now tried to install it on another server and it surprisingly works on this server. So I think there has to be some issue with the php-version or javascript? Maybe the above mentioned server isn't up to date?

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