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Problem with uploading a picture to a survey question - KCfinder

4 years 1 month ago #91239 by lukasso8eu
I have a problem with uploading pictures to survey questions.
Error is something like this: cannot write to upload folder and it shows a path to third party / kcfinder.
I have tried to put this is config.php of kcfinder:

$_CONFIG = array(

'disabled' => false,
'denyZipDownload' => true,
'denyUpdateCheck' => false,
'denyExtensionRename' => false,
With no change.
Than I have tried to put there an absolute path to the upload folder (upload in foor, not upload folder of kcfinder) to the:
'uploadURL' => " ",
but only change was that the error message changed to not being able to write to upload (in root dir).

Does anybody know how to solve it?
Thank you in advance.

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4 years 1 month ago #91652 by lukasso8eu
Hi, even I'm the only one discussing this topic, I want to tell you it's progress.
I found out, that this has been corrected in newer build of limesurvey, so I have updated it and now i can upload pictures to the folders.
BUT: when I select this picture (by this nice popup window of some kind of file explorer)and select it, the address of the picture is bad ( /~ksgrrsek/survey/lime/upload/surveys/398923/images/06102009271.jpg )and of course it doesnt show itself in the preview of on the question (which Im editing now)
I have tried to put there manually correct address, but which address is it? - this is shortened addres (given by admin) - this suppose to be the real one
(both leading to the same page)

So my question is: can someone tell me, which address should I chose and where can i put it?

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