Date question issue with vv import

4 years 2 months ago #90752 by Samba

I have to re-import the previous data from my survey after re-activating it. (I had to deactivate it as i had to add a question). Now while doing so, i when i use the vv import function, the main problem i am facing is with the date picker question.

I have 5 date pickers in which, the next one can be seen only if the previous is filled (using conditions), so ideally in when the participant has not used a date picker, it is supposed to be empty, hence the next date picker is hidden.

But when i use the vv import (using a .tab file, as it is easy to manipulate with excel), All the empty date pickers get filled with a constant value (11/30/1999) and hence are also visible.

The .tab file from which i am importing the data mentions {question_not_shown} in the relevant cells.

Please let me know if this is a bug or there is a problem with the procedure i am adopting for the import.

Version 2.00+ Build 130103
Responses to the survey are NOT anonymized.
It is presented group by group

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4 years 2 months ago #90794 by DenisChenu
Think it's a bug (not sure).

Can you put this in the bug reporting system with:

- lss files of a simple survey
- a lsa file for this survey
- a vv file for this survey.


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