Styles (CSS) missing in new installations of any version - MAMP/MAC Retina

4 years 2 months ago #90595 by spessex

I've installed quite a few LS's over my time but for some reason all the new installations on my new mac retina with MAMP (more or less same setup as last time) appear to be missing the styles. Even when I check in Firebug there are very few styles attached (see screenshot for Demo). I have now tried 1.91, 1.92 and 2.0 and all have exactly the same problem with the same styles missing. This is across any browser so is not browser specific. Additionally I have tested my live site (same version) that was created some time ago and it looks perfect in the same browser with all styles as they should be. It totally baffling me! As anyone any idea what could be going wrong?


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