Comfort update to 2.00+ Build 121213 issue

5 years 2 months ago #90089 by lstrange
lstrange created the topic: Comfort update to 2.00+ Build 121213 issue
Hello - I recently did a clean install of 2.00+ Build 121204 on a test server and have been testing current surveys with it with success. I noticed new updates and decided I'd run a comfort update to 2.00+ Build 121213
When I get to step 2, it runs through the file list, but at the end I get this message:


The following files will be modified or deleted but were already modified by someone else.We recommend that these files should be replaced by the update procedure.


When checking your file permissions we found one or more problems. Please check for any error messages above and fix these before you can proceed.

That's the only message I see. When I click Check Again, the same message appears at the bottom but I don't see an actual 'hard error' of any kind. Any thoughts?

Thanks! Lainie

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5 years 2 months ago #90149 by jelo
jelo replied the topic: Aw: Comfort update to 2.00+ Build 121213 issue
This can be a problem with user permission rights of the webserver / php stack.

If you e.g uploaded the limesuvrey via ftp the files were created with certain user rights. It might be possible that limesurvey is running under a different user / permission set and cannot replace the file under "/locale/am/LC_MESSAGES/" on its own.

1.) If you are currently running surveys in your installation I wouldn't do the update till you talked to your administrator.
2.) If you are not running any productive surveys at the moment, try to do the upgrade. If you cannot finish it, note error messages and send them to your administrator.
3.) You could update the manual way like you install limesurvey the first way.

To really find out, what the problem is more information is needed.
PHPInfo, Webserver Apache? You might find an error log file generated by php in your webspace. You can also look into the apache logfiles to get a clue what might be the cause of these problem.

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