Inline Editor/pop-up editor not working on hosting party

4 years 7 months ago #89874 by rem_hopster
rem_hopster created the topic: Inline Editor/pop-up editor not working on hosting party
Hello to everyone,

I have an problem with the inline editor (and pop up editor) on the server of my hosting party.

Local installation on my PC (1.92+ Build 120919) shows the inline editor and also the editor in the pop up mode.
However when I upload to my hosting party the inline editor doesn't show. (pic 1)

and with the pop up mode there is also no editor (pic 2 and 3).

I have adjusted the my personal settings.
Have changed the language in the .js file to "en".
But cant figure out why on my local PC (and server) everything works fine and on the server of the hosting party no result. htaccess file?
I hope someone can help me.

Thanks already

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