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5 years 5 months ago #89678 by QSE_NU2012
QSE_NU2012 created the topic: Facebook_Referral URL
The primary issue that came up: "I would like some help with a problem: Why is the referral URL in limesurvey showing up as a link on the LGBT study domain rather than facebook."

"The idea currently being tossed around our office is that: The reason we are not seeing any Facebook referral URL’s is because the participants are accessing the Screener survey from their email accounts and not directly from Facebook. When a person clicks on the ad they are redirected to the registration page; however, I don’t believe the referral url for this page is captured.

The referring url is associated with the direct site from where the person accessed the Screener survey. In our case this is the email we send them. This is why we are seeing the lgbtstudy.org referring url."

So is there anything I can do without turning off my survey to capture the Facebook referral? Or are there any other ideas of how I may be able to do this?

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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #89681 by jelo
jelo replied the topic: Aw: Facebook_Referral URL
I have searched to find your survey URL posted on facebook.

For your office talk:
Since you're using https NO referer is sent! Use http and the referer is sent.

If you want to track origin the best way is to use different URLS for your survey.
Attach a variable for the origin which you save in a hidden question field.
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