Redirected to root when accessing the survey

4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #89641 by confusion
Hello there,

I had a limesurvey (X) running with several surveys but because of a problem i lost the files of it, however i have the database intact.

I had another limesurvey instance (Y) elsewhere so i copied those files over to place where limesurvey (X) was and changed the config.php so it would connect to the database of (X).

when i go to admin webpage (http://example/survey/admin/admin.php) i can see the backend stuff but when i try to execute a survey (http://example/survey/index.php?sid=67643&lang=en) i get redirected to the root (http://example/.

Any ideia whats the problem?
And is my approach (to the problem of not having the files but having the database) the correct one?
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