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"R" entry

4 years 1 month ago #89587 by spt01

I am wondering if anyone has ever found the same problem…

Suppose the super administrator creates a user X with these rights: "participant panel", "create survey", "create user", "delete user" (for sure, X doesn't have a super admin right). Then, if I login to X account and go to User Control page, I see that X is the only entry in the page. Suppose if I add a new user Y from X account and try to reload the User Control page, then the user Y entry appears, HOWEVER user X entry changes to Username = R, Email = R, Full name = R. On the left of this "R" entry, there is a pencil icon (for edit user), if I click that pencil, I will see a blank page. If I reload the blank page, it will say: "Access denied! You are not allowed to perform this operation!"

Now, if I delete user Y. user X entry becomes normal again (Username, Email, Full name appear as they should be).

Here is what I mean:

Do you have any idea what causes the "R" entry to appear? How can I fix this?

Any input would be much appreciated!


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4 years 1 month ago #89630 by jelo
I haven't seen this before. The R might stands for restricted.

With which user are you logged on when you see the R?
In the screenshot I see only annadeveloper and R.
In your explanation you use three accounts with different permission levels.

Are there different user groups used?

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4 years 1 month ago #89668 by jelo

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