Test Data

4 years 8 months ago #88125 by hudbarnett
hudbarnett created the topic: Test Data
Hi All..

I have been searching for some test data so that i can import it into my installation so i can learn and understand how to create surveys in different ways. I would like to run surveys using text area, check boxes and so on.

Can anyone help?



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4 years 8 months ago #88129 by Fred01
Fred01 replied the topic: Test Data
Great question! I could use some test data to load into the "sample survey" that comes with Limesurvey (in the docs folder).

Maybe somebody on the development team has tried this before?

I've seen a lot of tools for generating test data for .NET apps, etc. There are some free ones on the web like this that might work for LS? www.generatedata.com/#about

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