LimeSurvey & Cherokee Web Server

4 years 10 months ago #86727 by Sil68
Sil68 created the topic: LimeSurvey & Cherokee Web Server
My setup consists of

:: MariaDB 5.5.27
:: php-fpm 5.4.7
:: Cherokee 1.299b
:: Drupal 7.15
:: LimeSurvey 2.00+

The site is sporting Drupal at the document root, and I'd like to get LimeSurvey running under a subdirectory.

:: Main site: (Drupal)
:: Subdirectory:

Drupal is all peachy, LimeSurvey although is a different biest to tackle. Try as I might, I'm always ending up with a 'Access Denied' message.

Any idea how to resolve this one?

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