need to change type=myISAM to engine=myISAM, but where?

4 years 5 months ago #86355 by NAWS
I am trying to activate a survey (running 1.92) and get the error below. I know what the fix is (change from type to engine), just not sure which file should the fix be done in, or what SQL query to run in PHP myAdmin.
The error is:

Survey could not be activated.

Main admin screen
DB Error:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'TYPE=myISAM CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci' at line 41
submitdate T,
startlanguage C(20) NOTNULL ,
`66269X111X553` C(5),
`66269X111X554` X,
`66269X111X555` C(5),
`66269X111X556` X,
`66269X111X5575a` F,
`66269X111X5575b` F,
`66269X111X558` X,
`66269X111X559` C(1),
`66269X111X560` C(5),
`66269X111X5619a` C(5),
`66269X111X5619b` C(5),
`66269X111X5619c` C(5),
`66269X111X5619d` C(5),
`66269X111X56210a` C(5),
`66269X111X56210b` C(5),
`66269X111X563` F,
`66269X111X564` X,
`66269X111X565` X,
`66269X111X566` X,
`66269X111X567` X,
`66269X111X568` F,
`66269X111X569` X,
`66269X111X570` C(1),
`66269X111X571` X,
`66269X111X572` C(1),
`66269X111X573` X,
`66269X111X574` C(1),
`66269X111X575` C(1),
`66269X111X576` C(1),
`66269X111X577` X,
`66269X111X578` C(1),
`66269X111X579` X,
`66269X111X580` C(1),
`66269X111X581` X,
`66269X111X582` X

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