Limesurvey only processing first of multiple bounced emails

5 years 6 months ago #86129 by bradummer
bradummer created the topic: Limesurvey only processing first of multiple bounced emails
I'm not sure if the problem that I'm having is a bug in LS, a misconfiguration in my settings, a problem with my mail server, or something else. I'm running the newest LS (Version 2.00+ Build 120926) on CentOS. The mail server is on the same server. Here's the setup- I have a list of 8 entries in the list of invitations to send out. 4 of the email addresses are good test accounts (yahoo, gmail, etc.) and the other 4 are confirmed bad addresses (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). I've configured the Bounce Settings correctly (I believe) using a POP account on my email server. (Note, I've tested it with "Server Type: IMAP" to the same results.) When I select all 8 of the entries and go through the send process, all of the emails are sent out correctly. The 4 good address are delivered correctly. The 4 bad email address bounce back to the email address I have set in the Bounce Settings. I confirm that the 4 bad emails are in the bounce mail box by looking at the mailbox with a web-based mail browser. Note that doing this allows me to see that the 4 emails are in the mailbox, but since I'm not actually opening any of the emails, each of the emails remains in the "unread" state.

So far so good. Next I go to the Tokens table, where all of the Email Statuses are OK (which is correct, since they haven't been processed yet). So I click the Start bounce processing button at the bottom of the table. The Summary message I get says:

"2 messages were scanned out of which 1 were marked as bounce by the system."

So that's strange. There were four bounces in the mail box, so why did it only scan 2 of them, and why does it only consider one of them to be a bounce? I check back to the web-based mail browser and there are still 4 emails there. Three of them are still listed as "unread" but one of them is now "read". So I go back to the token list and reload the grid. Sure enough just one of the emails is listed as Bounced and the other 7 are still listed as OK. The one that is listed as Bounced happens to be the @gmail address. So I go back to the web-based email account and open the "read" email and check the email address and confirm that it is also the @gmail address. Going back to LS, I click the Start bounce processing button again and get the same message as last time (2 scanned, 1 marked as bounce) and refresh the grid, but no change. At this point no matter what I do, only the first @gmail address is marked Bounced, and only that one address is marked as "read" in the mailbox.

So here's the next thing- I go to the web-based mail browser and I delete the one "read" email, so that now there are just the 3 remaining bounced emails, and they are all marked as "unread". I go back to LS and click Start bounce processing and again get the same message (2 scanned, 1 marked as bounce). When I click the refresh grid button a second email address gets marked as Bounced. Checking the web-based mail browser, sure enough just the corresponding email is now marked as "read", the the other two are still marked as "unread". I can repeat this process two more time of deleting the one "read" email and then clicking the Start bounce processing button until all four bounced emails are marked correctly in the grid.

So for some reason, it seems that LS is only ever seeing one of the emails in the bounce mailbox. Again, I'm not sure if this is a problem with LS or with my mail server. I'm using postfix on Plesk if that matters. I confirmed that I do have php-imap installed and enabled. Unrelated to LS we have hundreds of email addresses at dozens of domains on this server and don't experience problems like this, so in general the email server is working correctly. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Any idea where I should look to determine why this isn't working? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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