Access denied when editing a response

5 years 6 months ago #85106 by dvdrip
dvdrip created the topic: Access denied when editing a response
I try editing a response by following these steps:
I go to:
Responses and statistics
Display Responses
Click Save

Then I immediately get this message:
Access denied!
Security alert: Someone may be trying to use your LimeSurvey session (CSRF attack suspected). If
you just clicked on a malicious link, please report this to your system administrator.
Also this problem can occur when you are working/editing in LimeSurvey in several browser
windows/tabs at the same time.

LimeSurvey Version 1.92+ Build 120822
PHP 5.3.3
MySQL 5.1.61
Debug=1 : returned no additional results

I have no other windows/tabs open. Actually I tried from a different computer and got the same.
I have tried different browsers but I get the same.

I think it has something to do with some kind of memory limit as the responses are very long with 700+ fields. What do you think?

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