ERROR: We are sorry but your session has expired.

5 years 10 months ago #84766 by RAK
RAK created the topic: ERROR: We are sorry but your session has expired.
Dear all,
I am completely new at LimeSurvey and my experience with HTML and JavaScript started last week.

My problem with LimeSurvey is that often people get kicked out of my survey with the error:
We are sorry but your session has expired.
Either you have been inactive for too long, you have cookies disabled for your browser, or there were problems with your connection.

I know this topic has been discussed on the forum before but because I am new at this, I do not even understand the replies. What I learned is that I should:
1. in php.ini make sure that "register_globals=Off" or delete "register_global" all together? (conflicting posts on this)
2. in php.ini and php5.ini increase memory limit to 64M
3. in index.php change session limit

But I have no idea where php.ini and php5.ini are. In my Limesurvey folder at the FTP server I changed the advanced settings so that hidden files are no longer hidden. Still, I cannot find any .ini files.
In the index.php file (found on the folder Limesurvey on my ftp server) there is no mention of a session limit.
I already increased the allowed session time (to 7200 sec) on the LimeSurvey adminstration panel.
Is there something else that could cause my problem?

Some info on my survey (made by a friend who bailed out on me and no longer wants to help, so I am sort of thrown in the deep end here)
1. I have 16 questions. 15 of them are directed by a Javascript so that the questions are picked from a random stack of questions. On the last page, a test results is composed using JavaScript again.
2. At the bottom of my LimeSurvey administrator page it says: Version 1.92+ Build 120808
3. I asked my webhost about my "random excess memory" and he says I have about 266M. I also asked him about "suhosin" and he says I cannot change those seetings on his server.
4. I have an adjusted template but for the rest I changed nothing in LimeSurvey coding.
If you want other specific information, I am more than happy to supplement this. But could you be very specific where I (a complete dummy) can find this information.

Please help me!

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