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token csv upload fails

4 years 6 months ago #84219 by brianmca
Version 1.91+ Build 12416 RHEL 6.3

I'm trying to upload a CSV file of names and email addresses. It fails with this error:

Upload file not found. Check your permissions and path
(/usr/local/www/limesurvey/tmp/edm_email.txt) for the upload directory

Permissions on /usr/local/www/limesurvey/tmp are now 0777. I can create files there as either user apache or myself. The file I'm trying to upload is world-readable.

I had the same problem uploading a survey template someone sent me. I finally managed to upload that using cmdline_importsurvey, although with numerous errors reported that I didn't save. Is it possible to import tokens from the command line ?

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4 years 6 months ago #84344 by brianmca
This is probably an issue of both directory permissions and SeLinux settings.

I got the upload to work by setting SeLinux to "permissive" rather than "enforcing" while also changing .../limesurvey/tmp to 0777.

I think this can be fixed by applying the correct SeLinux context to the upload directories but I don't have time to chase that down right now.

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