The update for Build no Version 1.92+ Build 120517 does not work.

4 years 10 months ago #80577 by krishna1088
Hi ,

I updated the survey tool to latest Version 1.92+ and Build 120517, but the submit date in the database table shows : 1980-01-01 00:00:00.

Is there a quick fix for this as our surveys are running live.


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4 years 10 months ago #80790 by sdrori
I'm seeing the same problem, Krishna. two of the surveys we have had running for several months suddenly started writing that default date (01-01-1980) into their respective lime_survey_*****.submitdate fields. Interestingly, the corresponding token records have a valid (I assume correct) date in their lime_tokens_*****.completed fields.

We are also using Version 1.92+ Build 12517.


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4 years 10 months ago #80794 by sdrori

Resolved the problem for my surveys. Here are the details, hope this helps.


After some more Googling of the problem I discovered the "Date stamp?" under Survey Settings / General Properties / Notification & data management. This allows one to turn on or off recording of the submit date for a survey response.

Sure enough this was turned off for both problem surveys, i.e: "Responses will NOT be date stamped. " As well the setting cannot be changed while the survey is active.

To resolve this would normally require de-activating each survey, updating its setting, and then re-starting it. HOWEVER, doing this might erase the existing survey response data, so you would need to first back-up all the data and then (after re-starting the survey) import the old data.

See this Lime Survey forum post:

Since I did not want to de-activate the survey (and have to back-up and restore the response data) I resolved the problem by making changes to the Lime Survey MySQL database directly:

# This changes each survey's date stamp setting - be sure to use your survey's sid(s)
update boxcar_lime.lime_surveys
set datestamp = 'Y'
where sid = #SID#;

# because my surveys use tokens I was able to restore the submit dates as follows
update lime_survey_#SID# ls
inner join lime_tokens_#SID# lt on lt.token = ls.token
set ls.submitdate = lt.completed
where ls.submitdate='1980-01-01 00:00:00';

I don't know how this happened. As I wrote above both surveys have been up for several months and have not (to my knowledge) ever been de-activated been de-activated.

Somehow it did, and the above queries fix things, though I wonder if it might happen again.

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4 years 10 months ago #80809 by sdrori

One more thing to do: an additional column needs to be added to the lime_survey_##### table. Here's the query:

# adds the column datestamp to the survey response table
# substitute your survey's id for "#SID#"
alter TABLE `lime_survey_#SID#`
add column`datestamp` datetime NOT NULL after token;

Though turning on the date stamp seems to cause the submission time to be written to a separate field it also seems to have fixed the original problem, and I'm getting a meaningful date & time in the `submitdate` field as well.

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