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The token you have provided is either not valid, or has already been used.

4 years 10 months ago #77466 by mattenuttall
Hi Folks;

I upgraded to Version 1.92+ Build 120325 yesterday. After that, my anonymous surveys fail with the message shown in the subject line. I deactivated and reactivated my survey but nothing changed. I found nothing in the forums and Bugtracker (which I found to be a difficult area to search).

The survey was customized by a third party, so I'm not sure if any customization was done that is incompatible with the upgrade. The survey uses tokens, but since I'm doing anonymous only, I'm not sure it's necessary? The cookie check feature is all I really need at this stage, I suspect. However, I couldn't disable tokens no matter what options I switched in Limesurvey admin.

I'm in beta test only so you're welcome to see the symptoms yourself here:

Does anybody know where to start on debugging such a symptom?

I'm sorry I don't have more technical information at this time. I'm learning quickly, however.

Thanks -- Matt

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