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PHP Security or Firewall Issue Preventing me from viewing surveys

5 years 1 day ago #75176 by eadamuk
Hi All,

I installed limesurvey on my host but it doesn't appear to behaving correctly. I've been back and forth with my host but I'm not sure they are looking for the right thing, so I'm hoping someone could help.

For some reason I think my personal IP has triggered an alert or rule that is blocking me from doing certain actions such as edit a template, or view a survey. I can get into the admin screen, edit a survey, etc, etc. If I try and edit a template it doesn't populate any of the screens with HTML, but more crucially if I try and view a survey in test, nothing shows.

I assume this is an IP blocking issue since the same happens on multiple browsers/pc's in my home, and more recently at work. That said, if I use a web proxy service to have a look at it, there is no problem. Also I have posted a few issues, such a prepopulating fields, which others can see but I can not.

Has anyone any suggestions on what might be triggering this? I am running apache on the server. Could it be a case that the PHP security is tripping something, or the server, etc? I assume if its a host firewall issue I'd be banned altogether (thats happened before too).


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5 years 1 day ago #75193 by DenisChenu

It work under some home and not at another home ?

If yes : Did you host use some fail2ban security ? Same fail2ban use 404 banning, it's a good idea for setup.php / admin.php or other specific file, but maybe there are a misconfiguration.

But, anyway, if it woark at some place and not other place, it's not a LS issue ;).


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5 years 1 day ago #75218 by Mazi
1. Which Limesurvey version are we talking about?

2. Please switch on debug mode by adding the following line to your config.php file:
$debug = '1';

Are there any additional errors reported on top of the page?

3. Please upload a phpinfo file so we can take a look at your server configuration. Just put the following code into a file named phpinfo.php and upload it to your webserver:
< ?php phpinfo(); ? >
(Delete the spaces next to </> when copying the code.)
After uploading please post the link to the file.

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