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Print completed answer (Test in 1.92RC3)

5 years 1 week ago #74714 by sammy
In case:
Under token-base survey, While participant re-entry the survey to retrive completed answer.

Request feasture reasons:
1/ No need to modify the last modification time of survey for print answer
2/ No need to next/next many many pages for large survey.

Request solution / How to :
1. To display 'print answer' to print completed answer in the welcome page/nagivator-menu instead of walk through all group/questions and re-submit again !!?
2. Where to change it/add link or index.php or else? Please give me hints if possible.

Currently survey/token tab setting as below :
Participants may print answers? Yes
Allow editing answers after completion? Yes
Enable token-based response persistence? Yes

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