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Updated Workarounds Page Shows their compatibility with Version 1.92

5 years 3 weeks ago #73065 by TMSWhite

Version 1.92 makes many of the JavaScript workarounds obsolete. So, rather than needing fancy JavaScript, you can use built-in features to implement those solutions.

Version 1.92 also breaks a few of those workarounds. For each that is broken, you will see that you can use built-in features to do the same thing. However, if you are using one of those broken workaround scripts, it will stop working for you in 1.92. Sorry, but this is unavoidable.

Lastly, I have updated all of the other workaround scripts to make them compatible with 1.92. Version 1.92 assumes that anything within curly braces is an expression that it needs to parse unless there is a space after the opening curly brace and a space before the closing curly brace. Several of the workarounds had code like:
if (a > b) {continue;}

Those need to be changed to:
if (a > b) { continue; }

Otherwise EM will think that {continue;} is an expression it should parse.

Power users who are using custom JavaScript should check for such code when the test 1.92 RC3 (and/or before upgrading to 1.92 stable when it becomes available). The easiest way may to be search your database (using regular expressions) for fields that don't have the needed space after a curly brace.

Also, remember, you must not have a space after the curly brace if you want to do EM-based substitution within your JavaScript - such as using {INSERTANS:xxx}, {TOKEN}, etc.

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