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Regular expressions on multiple short text

5 years 2 months ago #70965 by eadamuk

I'm using a multiple short text input to collect various phone numbers a participant might have. Is there a way to apply validation to each of these to check they are a phone number?

I can find help on applying a regular expression to a single text box, but nothing for multiple.

If I am collecting emails in the same multiple text box, is there a way to check both separately?


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5 years 2 months ago #71045 by TMSWhite

I haven't tested this in 1.91+, but that feature does work in 1.92RC1. There is a sample survey that checks for valid email addresses (using regular expression filters) in multiple short text. Currently, the whole question fails the validation checks (so you see a popup warning) if any of the entries is non-empty and fails the validation. Ultimately, the goal is to highlight exactly which sub-questions fail validation).


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