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different results for token summary and response summary

5 years 4 months ago #67408 by koltempleister
I use limesurvey Versie 1.91+ Build 10670 and have upgraded from 1.85+. The surveys where taken before the upgrade.

In the response summmary I have this result:
Full reponses : 151

In the token summary the number is different:
Total surveys completed : 149/503

There is a difference of two. I would like to know how this could happen. What's more, we need the data from the token table to correct. Otherwise we might send reminders to people that already completed the survey.

I checked the code:

Where do the numbers come from?
I noticed that the response summary uses the "submitdate" variable in the limesurvey_SID table, while the token summary uses the "response" variable.

When is the data written to the database?
Submitdate is updated in save.php : createinsertquery() in the same request where index.php submittokens() sets completed = Y in the token table. In which circumstances could a difference arise, since both are executed in the same page request and there is no redirect between both methods?


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5 years 4 months ago #67413 by Mazi
Hi Jens,

my first guess it that someone has filled out the survey and afterwards his token entry has been deleted at the token entry (which doesn't delete the corresponding answer set).

Data is written to the database each time a user clicks "next/submit". A data set is marked "completed" once they hit "submit" at the end of the survey.

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5 years 4 months ago #67418 by holch
Did you try to download both tables (token table) and results table and compare then which tokens are the two tokens that are the "trouble makers"? Maybe it gives you a hint what the problem could be.

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