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5 years 4 months ago #67047 by DomCoop

I am trying to get the arabic .po and .mo files to show on the select language menu.

I have version 1.71. I tried to use the automatic update script posted on this forum. I used that, and certainly the dates of files changed. However, when I try to access the ar dir, nothing happens. Is this because I cannot simply upload the arabic directory into locale and expect ti to work. If not, is there a workaround. I cannot get a clean install of 1.91 to work. I keep getting a 500 error even though i failthfully followed instructions

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5 years 4 months ago #67077 by Mazi
We can't help if you use other users scripts. I recommend to do a manual update as described here:

The new Limesurvey version you download will contain all the latest language files.

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